Temp Mail - Disposable Temporary and Free email Addresses

If you don\'t want your email address to be seen by spammers, it\'s a good idea to get a disposable email. Disposable emails are much cheaper than the spam filter.

If you\'re not sure whether this is the right thing for you, then ask yourself:

  • Do I want spam sent to my real email account or not?
  • Is it worth paying half a month\'s salary for spam protection?
  • Would I send emails from this address every day?

What is a Temporary Email Address?

A free temp mailbox is a temporary email address that will only be active for the duration of the time that you want to receive emails at. These types of mailboxes can be used for a variety of purposes, such as applying for jobs, or selling products online.

The temporary email account allows you to protect your own personal email address and have a different one that you share with other people. You can also use this account to sign up with websites without giving them your primary email address, which could allow them to spam you in the future if they are not reputable.